• European Customs Clearance

    Transforming European Customs Clearance with Decision Intelligence 

    Every year trillions of Euros worth of goods are imported into and exported out of European countries. The 27 EU member countries alone account for roughly 15%1 of the world’s trade in goods, a share which grows even larger if all European countries are considered. However, as trade volumes continue to increase, European customs authorities…

    By Tom Saltsberg
    Feb 16 2023 · 6 Min Read
  • An aerial view of a container ship involved in customs fraud.

    Preventing Customs Fraud with Decision Intelligence  

    On a typical day in the United States, customs officials process over $7.6 billion in imported goods, primarily from almost 90,000 containers that arrive over land, air, and sea. They seize almost 5,000 pounds of illegal drugs, $340,000 worth of illicit currency, and $9 million worth of counterfeit goods. In addition, over 900,000 people enter…

    By Tom Saltsberg
    Jan 04 2023 · 6 Min Read
  • A stack of shipping containers undergoing customs inspection process.

    Preparing for Peak Retail Season – Boost Customs Risk Assessment With Decision Intelligence

    November is a peak month for online shopping, with three major sale days – Singles’ Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday – generating a frenzy of retail orders and shipments. In fact, Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day of 2021 in the US, with consumers spending $10.7 billion on US retail websites, according…

    By Tom Saltsberg
    Nov 09 2022 · 6 Min Read
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