Yifat Mitrani , Director of Content Marketing
May 17, 2023

4 Cross-Border Crime Trends to Know at ISS World Europe 2023

ISS World Europe

ISS World Europe, one of the largest conferences for law enforcement and security professionals, is taking place June 6-8 in Prague. This is an exciting opportunity for top security experts to discuss how the latest technology can ensure public safety and bring criminals to justice.

This year’s ISS World Europe is sure to be influenced by the current challenges facing the region, including how criminals and bad actors are utilizing advanced technological means to commit cross-border crimes. Read on for the top crime trends to know before you go to the conference.

1. Human Trafficking: The current situation in Europe is prompting more instances of human trafficking and illegal migration. Law enforcement agencies are on the lookout for cutting-edge solutions, including advanced decision intelligence solutions that fuse diverse data sources into a single pane of glass view, so authorities can connect the dots and save lives.

2. Drug Trafficking: Both domestic and transnational drug smuggling are growing concerns for law enforcement and customs organizations. Authorities need the right tools to identify key ringleaders and suppliers, investigate suspicious activities, track criminal crypto transactions used to launder profits, assist field teams carrying out operations, and optimize customs inspections. The complex nature of these investigations often requires the analysis of multiple data sources, such as network, open-source, and operational intelligence, as well as from decision intelligence platforms to gain actionable insights and accelerate investigations.

3. Cybercrime: As more illicit activities are planned and committed on the web, authorities are scrambling to analyze massive quantities of data to prevent and tackle ransomware, data leaks, and crimes committed on the dark web. This is prompting more law enforcement organizations to adopt one-click, automated open-source intelligence, and cyber threat intelligence tools to detect crime.  

4. Financial Crime: The volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies hasn’t stopped criminals from using crypto for illicit purposes, such as money laundering, tax evasion, terror financing, and illegal trade. Leveraging blockchain analytics is essential in detecting and investigating illicit trades and de-anonymizing the identities behind them.

Cognyte’s team of experts will be attending the conference to discuss how our solutions empower law enforcement and security teams in the face of modern challenges. We invite you to attend one or more of our sessions, meet us at booth 102, or schedule a private meeting at the conference.

Come hear our experts present on a variety of pressing topics including:

  • How to uncover money laundering networks using decision intelligence (Tuesday, June 6, 15:25-16:05, Session A)
  • How IoT and Connected Cars are creating new challenges for intelligence organizations, and how to address them (Wednesday, June 7, 9:10-9:30)
  • How operational intelligence can enable field missions operating in challenging environments (Wednesday, June 7, 9:30-10:00)
  • How to de-anonymize bad actors behind illict cryptocurrency transactions (Wednesday, June 7, 13:45-14:30)
  • How security organizations can cut through the noise to extract actionable insights from network data (Thursday, June 8, 11:00-11:40, Session C)

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Yifat Mitrani , Director of Content Marketing

Yifat Mitrani is the Director of Content Marketing at Cognyte. Yifat has over 20 years of experience in the government, telco and financial services sectors with expertise in technology domains including big data, machine learning, analytics and cloud native. She has previously held positions at Amdocs, Deloitte Consulting and Morgan Stanley, and holds an Executive MBA from Kellogg-Recanati (Northwestern University).
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