Jeffrey Lewis, VP Marketing, Situational Intelligence Solutions
February 03, 2021

Getting the insights we need to adapt and thrive in the ‘new normal’

We understand that these are difficult times as we find ourselves wading through a pandemic-stricken world, a process that continually presents us with tough questions. And among them is:

“How can we make sure that we are keeping our employees, organization, and citizens safe and healthy, so we can all thrive in this new reality?”

It’s a new phase

To answer this question, we need insights – about the steps we should take, the processes we should implement, the communications to articulate, and the technologies to implement.

This is because today we’re in a different place than we were when all this started. Today, it’s not just about social distancing and sending employees to work from home. By now, we are beyond the phase of just reacting, monitoring hot zones, and contact tracing.

Our new reality – this ‘new normal’ is going to be around for a long time to come, and it demands proactive innovation in how we keep our employees, organization, and citizens safe and healthy, so we can all thrive.

This new reality demands a lot of insights.

Getting proactive

But not just any insight will do – it’s insight on how to adapt well that counts. What this means is that even when things seem to be too difficult to control, there is still so much that we can control to help us meet our strategic goals as they relate to our people and organization.

That is, with the right insights we can be proactive and innovative in how we protect people, maintain operations, and adhere to compliance.

Protecting people

For example – leveraging the insight that our new normal means a profound increase in mobile device usage and by leveraging the right technology we can implement a new program where we:

  • Enable remote health checks
  • Provide push notifications of wellness tips
  • Deliver timely communications when issues arise
  • Provide response support to a call for help in case of a change in health status

Continuing operations

Within this same program we can also do a lot for maintaining business and operational continuity.

This is how it works – first, employees can provide the current status on symptoms and body temperature before arriving at work. This serves as a baseline.

Then, whenever they get to work, they will complete a quick check-in to affirm this baseline, before actually coming into the office.

The organization can even recheck individuals during the workday to see if there’s any sign of a change in status which would require healthcare assistance or contact tracing.


As for compliance, if we’re gathering people’s health information – clearly, we need to be able to maintain their privacy.

So, what can help here is the right technology-powered controls on who accesses what information to prevent any misdeed.

The 5 pillars of thriving

As we can see, adapting and thriving to the new normal requires a lot of different insights. And the good news is that there is very powerful technology out there that’s transforming how we can get the insights we need to navigate through the most challenging of situations.

We’re talking about analytics, of course, which helps us protect people, continue operations, and ensure compliance by enabling us to:

  • Connect people and systems to share information fast
  • Leverage smart devices and for real-time interactions
  • Share and map locations
  • Respond to emergency situations
  • Assure that security teams are connected 24/7

At Cognyte, we believe in the power of analytics for supporting the global effort to maintain the health and safety of people and organizations. Find out how we do this by contacting us at

Jeffrey Lewis, VP Marketing, Situational Intelligence Solutions

Jeffrey is a seasoned marketing leader with a long history in the positioning and marketing of security solutions, products and services on a global scale. He is passionate about protecting people, property and mission-critical operations, particularly as the virtual and physical worlds continue to merge.
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