Robert Van Bosbeek , VP Operational Intelligence
May 12, 2024

Meet Us at ISS World Europe 2024

Cognyte is pleased to announce that we will attend ISS World Europe 2024. This event is hailed as the world’s largest gathering of regional law enforcement professionals, intelligence and homeland security analysts, as well as telecom operators and financial intelligence experts.

We invite you to visit us at booth #102 from June 4-6th at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague, CZ. Contact us to book a demo or schedule a meeting.

Let’s look at a few of the technology domains expected to attract the most attention from professionals attending ISS World Europe:

  • Blockchain Analytics: Cryptocurrency fuels illicit activities like cybercrime, organized crime, and trafficking, and can also threaten national security. Advanced blockchain analytics offers a groundbreaking solution to detect illicit and suspicious crypto transactions and reveal the real identities of their makers, allowing investigators to uncover a suspect’s full crypto activity.
  • Operational Intelligence: Field teams require the best tactical equipment to overcome technological and environmental barriers in the field. Deploying field-proven and 5G SA ready tactical solutions, enables teams to conduct real-time operations across air, land, and sea, and identify cross-border threats, secure events, and covertly apprehend criminals.
  • Open-Source Intelligence: Gathering information from public or other open sources can allow investigators to detect illicit activity and connections between suspects. Open-source intelligence(OSINT) investigations can boost criminal detection with one-click automated profiling and topic monitoring across all layers of the web.   
  • Decision Intelligence: Generating actionable insights and breaking down data siloes across organizations is critical for accelerating investigations and data-driven decision-making. Decision intelligence leverages AI-powered data fusion and analytics to help investigators respond to threats and resolve more cases faster.
  • Network Intelligence: Generating insights from digital data gathered by law enforcement agencies is becoming ever more challenging. Network intelligence enables investigators and analysts to analyze masses of digital data, including communications, images, video and more, to accelerate their investigations.
Cognyte booth ISS World Europe

We invite you to join our experts talks:

  • Shlomi Malul will explore the top 5 AI trends redefining law enforcement investigations (Thurs. June 6, 11:00-11:40 Session C).
  • Gilad Ben Ziv will discuss the challenges security organizations face in building the broad intelligence picture (Tues. June 4, 15:25-16:05 Session A).
  • David Grau will cover how technology is revolutionizing law enforcement, including through the use of network intelligence and blockchain analytics (Weds. June 5, 13:45-14:30).
  • Our experts will dive into how to map suspects’ digital footprints in the age of live streaming and unconventional platforms (Tues. June 4, 16:10-17:00 Session A).

To secure your spot for a meeting or live demo at the event, contact us now.

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Robert Van Bosbeek , VP Operational Intelligence

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