• Investigating 5 Kinds of Crypto Crime

    Technology has made almost every aspect of our lives – and the lives of criminals – easier. The blockchain has fostered an ecosystem in which illicit actors can easily operate anonymously and internationally, stalling financial investigations and setting the stage for increased crypto crime. In our previous blog we outlined how criminal actors exploit the…

    By David Grau
    Aug 01 2023 · 6 Min Read
  • Combatting Human Trafficking with AI & Analytics|

    Data-Driven Justice: Michael Fullilove on Combatting Human Trafficking with AI 

    World Day Against Trafficking in Persons  This year’s theme for the United Nations World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is “Reach every victim of trafficking, leave no one behind”. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), there are an estimated 49.6 million victims of human trafficking and modern-day slavery worldwide, and these numbers are growing1….

    By Eliana Levavi
    Jul 24 2023 · 9 Min Read
  • From Raw Data to Informed Decisions:
    How Data Fusion Empowers Decision Intelligence

    Data fusion systems are essential for law enforcement and intelligence agencies who wish to effectively utilize vast amounts of data from diverse sources, leading to improved decision-making, crime prevention, and enhanced national security. These systems empower users to manage how data is accessed, combined, analyzed, and reported by transforming and standardizing data into a unified…

    By Inbar Goldstein
    Jul 02 2023 · 4 Min Read
  • ISS World Europe

    4 Cross-Border Crime Trends to Know at ISS World Europe 2023

    ISS World Europe, one of the largest conferences for law enforcement and security professionals, is taking place June 6-8 in Prague. This is an exciting opportunity for top security experts to discuss how the latest technology can ensure public safety and bring criminals to justice. This year’s ISS World Europe is sure to be influenced…

    By Rebecca Sommer
    May 17 2023 · 3 Min Read
  • AML Investigations

    Turbocharging AML Investigations with Decision Intelligence

    An estimated 2 to 5% of global GDP, or roughly €715 billion to 1.87 trillion, is laundered each year, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Money laundering is growing in scope and scale worldwide, as bad actors use increasingly complex tactics to carry out illicit financial schemes. New technologies and…

    By Rosa Van Dam
    Mar 15 2023 · 6 Min Read
  • ISS-Dubai-2023

    5 Key Trends to Look Out For at ISS Dubai

    ISS Middle East, one of the largest gatherings in the world for law enforcement and intelligence professionals in the world, is fast approaching. The conference will take place from February 28th to March 2nd. Before you head off to Dubai, we would like to give you a preview of 5 key trends to get up…

    By Eliana Levavi
    Feb 21 2023 · 3 Min Read
  • European Customs Clearance

    Transforming European Customs Clearance with Decision Intelligence 

    Every year trillions of Euros worth of goods are imported into and exported out of European countries. The 27 EU member countries alone account for roughly 15%1 of the world’s trade in goods, a share which grows even larger if all European countries are considered. However, as trade volumes continue to increase, European customs authorities…

    By Tom Saltsberg
    Feb 16 2023 · 6 Min Read
  • Preventing Customs Fraud with Decision Intelligence  

    On a typical day in the United States, customs officials process over $7.6 billion in imported goods, primarily from almost 90,000 containers that arrive over land, air, and sea. They seize almost 5,000 pounds of illegal drugs, $340,000 worth of illicit currency, and $9 million worth of counterfeit goods. In addition, over 900,000 people enter…

    By Tom Saltsberg
    Jan 04 2023 · 6 Min Read
  • What Is Driving The Shift To Decision Intelligence Platforms For Criminal Investigations? 

    Decision Intelligence Accelerates Investigations to Combat Crime and Terror A shocking 54.5% of violent crimes committed in the U.S. annually remain open and unsolved, according to FBI statistics1.  This phenomenon is not limited to the U.S., but is common across law enforcement agencies throughout the world. One of the main reasons for the high volume…

    By Omer Frenkel
    Nov 23 2022 · 6 Min Read
  • Preparing for Peak Retail Season – Boost Customs Risk Assessment With Decision Intelligence

    November is a peak month for online shopping, with three major sale days – Singles’ Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday – generating a frenzy of retail orders and shipments. In fact, Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day of 2021 in the US, with consumers spending $10.7 billion on US retail websites, according…

    By Tom Saltsberg
    Nov 09 2022 · 6 Min Read
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