Hiring Manager:
Josh Reuben

Senior Software Architect

Bulgaria, Sofia

Cognyte is a global leader in investigative analytics software that empowers governments and enterprises with Actionable Intelligence for a Safer WorldTM. Our open analytics software is designed to help governments and enterprises accelerate and improve the effectiveness of investigations by  fusing, analyzing, and visualizing disparate data sets at scale to help organizations find the needles in the haystacks. Over 1,000 government and enterprise customers in more than 100 countries rely on Cognyte’s solutions to accelerate and conduct investigations and derive insights, with which they identify, neutralize, and tackle threats to national security, personal safety, business continuity, and cyber security.

So, if you rock at Software Architecture , and want in on the action,

let’s talk!

As a System Architect you’ll participate in

1.     High Level Design Documents and System Diagramming

2.     Technology research evaluations, PoCs and evangelism

3.     System Component Performance measurement & Optimization

4.     presentations and knowledge transfers

If you’ve got the drive, commitment, and dedication to be the best, do your best, and work with the best, then come join us. We’re waiting for you.

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Your tech ecosystem tool box:

1.     Reactive Distributed Systems Design using Akka + Big Data Processing using Spark Streaming, Kafka

2.     Cloud-Native Infrastructure: Kubernetes, Istio, Prometheus, Knative, KubeFlow, Tekton, Operators

3.     Application Protocols: Rest, Async Messaging, gRPC, WebSockets, GraphQL

4.     Google Cloud GKE best practices and optimizations

5.     Machine Learning Pipelines and Neural Network Architectures

6.     Spring Boot + alternatives

7.     Full-Stack webdev: NodeJs, React, Apollo, BuildPack

8.     Various Distributed Datastores: ElasticSearch, Postgres, Redis

9.     Programming Language Familiarity: Java, Scala, JavaScript, Python

10.  Microservice Domain Driven Design for Information Systems

11.  Security: SSO, Linux / K8s / Cloud / Application security

12.  Software Development LifeCycle Best practices

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