Decision Intelligence Platform​

Every Decision Counts

Accelerate decision-making 
with data fusion and advanced analytics

NEXYTE, Cognyte’s decision intelligence platform, helps a variety of government and other organizations accelerate data-driven decision-making. The platform automatically fuses and analyzes data sources of all types to provide a rich, cohesive view, and democratizes the power of AI and machine learning to enable both technical and non-technical users to obtain previously unattainable insights.

NEXYTE empowers analysts to rapidly conduct investigations, assess risks, mitigate threats, boost revenue collection and optimize resources across multiple disciplines and use cases, including law enforcement, national security, customs, anti-money-laundering and fraud detection, all in one platform.  


Law Enforcement

Fight crime and protect lives by accelerating law enforcement investigations

National Security

Safeguard national interests and assets by unifying your intelligence analysis


Boost customs revenue and seizures by going beyond risk assessment

Anti-Money Laundering

Uncover money laundering schemes and identify risk factors automatically

Fraud Detection

Discover financial fraud and tax evasion by unifying your data analysis


Fuse structured and unstructured data

Extract, tag and correlate identifiers from text, images and videos

Connect new data sources independently

Leverage dynamic data modeling to tailor the solution to unique sources and needs

Collaborate in a unified workspace

Utilize embedded reports, internal chat and permission-based access control

Leverage a built-in
analytics suite

Surface new leads and hidden connections using built-in ML analytics

Automatically assess risks
with AI/ML

Automatically determine the risk score of entities and events

Tailor ML analytics to your
organization’s data needs

Create ML analytics based on your specific data sources and missions


Accelerate data-driven
with data fusion & analytics