Thu Jun 17, 2021

Cyber Threat Intelligence Case Study: Government SOC

This is the story of one government authority responsible for the safety and security of millions of people. Charged with safeguarding its IT, OT and physical security systems, while facing multiple potential cyber threats and advanced  adversaries,  this authority was working inefficiently to detect threats, with a constant shortage of resources and staff.

The authority’s Security Operations Center (SOC) deployed Cognyte’s advanced cyber threat intelligence solution.

The system immediately started providing:

  • Analytics-driven targeted cyber threat intelligence
  • Extensive data coverage of clear, deep & dark web
  • Domain name intelligence, vulnerabilities & exploits
  • A targeted monitoring plan
  • Access to finished and historical intelligence

This case study shows how this authority managed to gain valuable and timely intelligence, relevant to the organization’s critical assets, industry and predefined threat hunting requirements.

To learn more about how Cognyte’s CTI solution helped this authority, download the case study here.