Case Study
Thu Jun 17, 2021

Cyber Threat Intelligence Case Study: European Telecom

This is the story of one leading telecom, with over 20,000 employees and subsidiaries, and hundreds of sites, spread throughout the continent.
Responsible for the safety of its infrastructure and employees, it recently realized that they had several blind spots and set out to tackle them.

Faced with ongoing targeted attacks, lack of visibility into deep & dark web and continuous risk of data leaks, the telecom provider decided to deploy Cognyte’s Cyber Threat Intelligence system.

Cognyte’s CTI expanded the organization’s existing cyber security systems by adding:

  • Continuous monitoring & analysis of deep & dark web sites
  • Constant intelligence about threat actor capabilities
  • Access to unique historical intelligence
  • Intelligence about leaked data and potential data breaches

and more.

This case study shows how this organization managed to gain relevant intelligence about its leaked data, exposed servers, planned attacks, and indications about attack groups. It not only improved its cyber resilience but also strengthened its position as a national and cybersecurity leader.

To learn more about how Cognyte’s CTI solution helped this telecom provider, download the case study here.