Analytics Platform

Our customers are facing a wide range of security threats and we offer a broad portfolio to help them address these threats.

Our analytics platform powers our portfolio. Historically, customers purchased discrete solutions to address specific threats. But today the security landscape is changing. Data is growing rapidly and is highly fragmented across different departments, and organizations are looking to adopt open software to keep up with the pace of technology. These market shifts require security organizations to deploy an analytics platform that can connect different solutions from either Cognyte or third parties to effectively develop new capabilities.

Cognyte Analytics Platform

Fuses siloed data to drive more accurate insights

Enables more efficient collaboration and orchestration across large security organizations

Accelerates investigations, threat detection and remediation

Facilitates adding new solutions, Cognyte or third party and developing new AI models and analytics


Open and scalable architecture
Out-of-the-box integration with Cognyte’s solutions
Easily integrates with customer’s data sources and third-party solutions
Enables IT organizations and system integrators to develop customized analytics models

We bring powerful technologies, such as advanced data fusion, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, intuitive workflows, and data visualization, including the capabilities to support full governance and security protection.

Customer ecosystem

Data sources

3rd party solutions

Cognyte solutions

Analytics platform

Advanced data fusion technologies
Data analytics engines
Artificial intelligence and machine learning models
Intuitive and efficient workflows & visualization
Full governance and security protection

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