Detect and mitigate

The Challenge

Situational intelligence and cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and take longer to detect and mitigate.

The inability of Security Operations Centers (SOC) within government and enterprise organizations to identify and respond quickly to these threats can result in damage to business continuity, employees, and asset safety.

“We are responsible for detecting and mitigating situational intelligence and cyber threats. We need to quickly analyze events and generate quality insights while reducing workloads, accelerating automation, and improving SOC efficiency – to drive faster, real-time responses to threats”
CIO, North American,
High-tech enterprise
Cognyte offers analytics security solutions designed to empower SOC teams with actionable insights to detect and mitigate threats effectively.


Cyber Threat Discovery

Discover and mitigate cyber threats throughout the cyber spectrum.

Situational Intelligence

Monitor and coordinate response during critical events.

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