Web Intelligence Investigations

Accelerate your investigations automatically,
monitor threats, and generate leads in real-time

Super-fast, large-scale data collection allows Cognyte’s Web Intelligence solutions to analyze data across all web layers, build suspect profiles, reveal connections, generate evidence, and detect threats before they unfold.

Scale up your investigations, covertly and securely

Fast Time to Intelligence

Quickly generate leads, de-anonymize suspects, detect new developments, and covertly engage with targets.

Boost Your Productivity

Save time with automated suspect profiling, built-in collaboration tools, and quick hybrid deployment

Be a Web Investigation Expert

Fast track analyst ramp-up and lower the skills barrier with powerful yet simple to use capabilities and methodologies.

Propel Your Web Investigations Forward

Continuous Collection from All Layers of the Web

  • Covert collection across an extremely wide variety of social networks, apps, and open sources
  • Specialized and unique sources provide a window to the Deep Web and DarkNet

Automated Investigation Tools

  • Smart workflows for automatic profiling, lead generation, and analytical insights
  • 1-click reporting makes information sharing and collaboration easy
  • Reveals suspicious connections and maps terror & crime networks

Analytical Insights from all Media Types

  • AI-driven engines automatically process unstructured data, such as text, images, video, and audio
  • Image & video analysis detect objects, faces, logos, landmarks, characters and explicit content
  • Entity extraction, speech to text transcription & automatic translation convert all content types into valuable clues

Accelerate Your
Web investigations