Crime & terror

Accelerate your intelligence analysis
with data fusion & analytics

Crime & Terror Investigations

Today’s threat landscape features increasingly sophisticated criminal and terrorist elements which often span multiple geographies and domains, making it increasingly difficult for authorities to solve cases and save lives.

NEXYTE, Cognyte’s decision intelligence platform enables smarter decision making and risk assessment through multi-source data fusion and machine learning analytics. NEXYTE empowers security organizations to quickly resolve cases, predict crime trends and detect potential threats.

Combat crime
protect public safety

Unify your investigations into a single pane of glass view
  • Single pane-of-glass view for multi-source crime & terror investigations
  • Independently add data sources using standard APIs
  • Multi-layered access control for sensitive intelligence data
Criminal similar entities

Accelerate your investigations and gain quick insights

  • Automatic threat scoring for suspicious individuals and groups
  • Generate new investigation leads and map networks using ML analytics
  • Collaborate across teams in a real-time investigative workspace
Criminal threat score

Extract previously unattainable insights

  • Uncover hidden connections and detect suspicious patterns
  • Enrich investigations with automatic extraction of entities and metadata from all data formats
  • Flexibly define ML models based on your organization’s specific investigation needs and data
Criminal inferred relations
Combat crime and terror more effectively