• Financial Sanctions Evasion with Crypto2

    Sanctions Evasion with Crypto – How Law Enforcement Can Stop it 

    What can law enforcement and government agencies do to uncover the identities of individuals circumventing sanctions with crypto?  Sanctions are a key tool for governments to protect their interests and enforce international norms of behavior. Sanctions are often financial in nature, including capital restraints, asset freezes and trade restrictions, but can also include travel bans…

    By David Grau
    Sep 28 2023 · 5 Min Read
  • Evolution of Criminal Case Selection

    From the Future Case in the “Bottom Drawer” to Decision Intelligence In the archives of the US Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) history, the image of a seasoned criminal investigator stashing away a file in the metaphorical “bottom drawer” is iconic. While rooted in practicality, this practice is symbolic of a bygone era when…

    By Tracey Montano
    Sep 18 2023 · 5 Min Read
  • Entity Resolution: Assembling the Entity Data Puzzle   

    For law enforcement agencies looking to extract crucial insights from their data to accelerate investigations and threat detection, the first steps are to access, cleanse, and transform the data. Once accomplished, entity resolution (ER) emerges as the final stage before conducting analytics using a data fusion or decision intelligence platform. ER is pivotal in consolidating…

    By Inbar Goldstein
    Sep 13 2023 · 4 Min Read
  • Organized crime investigations

    Fighting Organized Crime with Data Analytics 

    During my tenure as the Assistant Director of Tax and Financial Investigations at the Mexican Tax Attorney’s Federal Office, I saw the growth of organized crime firsthand. We often think of serious or drug-related crimes when we think of organized crime, but money laundering and corruption are the financial engines that fuel organized groups, cartels,…

    By Tayde Yarahuan
    Sep 06 2023 · 7 Min Read
  • The Dark Side of ChatGPT: How Criminals are Using LLMs for Cyber-Crime

    For many of us, ChatGPT has quickly become our go-to tool for writing that tricky email or planning a dream vacation. Unfortunately, the dark side of this new technology is that criminals are also enthusiastically embracing AI bots – but for illicit purposes.    One indication of criminals’ interest can be seen in a report by NordVPN, which…

    By Moran Sorka
    Sep 01 2023 · 7 Min Read
  • Adding Value to Data: The Power of Data Transformation for Improved Analytical Outcomes

    Accessing abundant data, including metadata, plays a crucial role in accelerating law enforcement investigations and allowing authorities to quickly adapt to emerging situations and threats. However, the value of the insights gained is dependent on the data being properly cleansed, enriched, fused and analyzed. Applying different transformations through ETL (Extract-Transform-Load), ELT (Extract-Load-Transform), and Federated Search…

    By Inbar Goldstein
    Aug 27 2023 · 6 Min Read
  • Federated Search: Incorporating the Right Data at the Right Time

    In 2023, approximately 120 zettabytes* of data are expected to be generated worldwide. A single zettabyte is 10^21 – which is a 1 followed by 21 zeros (a trillion gigabytes). That’s a lot of data, and the volume increases exponentially each year. It’s safe to say, at these sizes, not all data sets can be…

    By Inbar Goldstein
    Aug 15 2023 · 4 Min Read
  • 5 Ways to Accelerate Tax Investigations with AI and Decision Intelligence

    Tax Fraud is Winning the Race Tax fraud is a growing problem, with ever more sophisticated tactics employed by perpetrators. Traditional analytics tools and BI solutions are struggling to keep up, leaving tax authorities grappling with the staggering costs of tax evasion and fraud. In the EU, it amounts to a mind-boggling €824 billion annually,…

    By Maya Ben Ari
    Aug 09 2023 · 4 Min Read
  • What Law Enforcement Needs to Know About Crypto Money Laundering

    Money laundering is a common theme among many crypto crimes. Criminal actors exploit the anonymity of the blockchain to launder profits from both off-chain and on-chain crimes to obfuscate the sources of illicit funds and convert them into cash, which can then be moved into the legitimate banking system. Cryptocurrency is used by criminals to launder funds from…

    By David Grau
    Aug 08 2023 · 6 Min Read
  • Better Data, Better Analytics: Transforming Data Through ETL & ELT for Consistent Outcomes 

    Accurate data is crucial for effective analytics, as it can impact government and enterprise organizations in terms of time, money, reputation, customers, and even safety. Just like a fuel filter removes impurities before reaching a car engine, transformation functions are necessary for analytics to ensure high-quality data for decision-making. The adage ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’…

    By Inbar Goldstein
    Jul 27 2023 · 3 Min Read
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