• Preventing Customs Fraud with Decision Intelligence  

    On a typical day in the United States, customs officials process over $7.6 billion in imported goods, primarily from almost 90,000 containers that arrive over land, air, and sea. They seize almost 5,000 pounds of illegal drugs, $340,000 worth of illicit currency, and $9 million worth of counterfeit goods. In addition, over 900,000 people enter…

    By Tom Saltsberg
    Jan 04 2023 · 6 Min Read
  • What Is Driving The Shift To Decision Intelligence Platforms For Criminal Investigations? 

    Decision Intelligence Accelerates Investigations to Combat Crime and Terror A shocking 54.5% of violent crimes committed in the U.S. annually remain open and unsolved, according to FBI statistics1.  This phenomenon is not limited to the U.S., but is common across law enforcement agencies throughout the world. One of the main reasons for the high volume…

    By Omer Frenkel
    Nov 23 2022 · 6 Min Read
  • Preparing for Peak Retail Season – Boost Customs Risk Assessment With Decision Intelligence

    November is a peak month for online shopping, with three major sale days – Singles’ Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday – generating a frenzy of retail orders and shipments. In fact, Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day of 2021 in the US, with consumers spending $10.7 billion on US retail websites, according…

    By Tom Saltsberg
    Nov 09 2022 · 6 Min Read
  • Boost your Customs Risk Management with Data Analytics

    How customs data analytics can lead to smarter risk management, increased revenue, and improved fraud detection  International trade generates growing volumes of data, making it increasingly challenging for customs organizations to regulate legitimate trade across air, land and sea and collect revenue effectively. Customs authorities face complicated tasks, including detecting smuggled goods (both illicit goods…

    By Omer Frenkel
    Aug 08 2022 · 5 Min Read
  • How Decision Intelligence Can Transform Financial Crime Investigations  

    Financial crime isn’t restricted to “white-collar” activities. There is typically some financial component in many criminal investigations, whether drug smuggling, human trafficking or organized crime, and those components can include, financial fraud, tax evasion and money laundering. These crimes can range from basic theft or fraud committed by individuals to large-scale operations masterminded by global…

    By Omer Frenkel
    Jul 28 2022 · 4 Min Read
  • 2022 Government
    CIO Survey Shows
    Key Big Data
    Challenges and Priorities

    As investigation teams in government and security organizations face increased struggles in the big data era, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) must equip their organizations with more powerful tools to conduct investigations, assess risks and mitigate threats. CIOs play a critical role in building the right technology infrastructure and strategy across the organization to ensure that…

    By Cognyte
    Jul 14 2022 · 4 Min Read
  • How Digital Intelligence Platforms Accelerate Investigations

    Digital intelligence platforms, often called investigative analytics platforms, have become increasingly popular among law enforcement and security organizations in recent years. Due to the rise of digital technologies and the explosion of big data, traditional investigation methodologies have become far too labor-intensive to keep up with the amount and diversity of data sources. The siloed…

    By Cognyte
    Jun 01 2022 · 4 Min Read
  • The War in Ukraine: from Fake News to Cyber-Attacks

    Conventional warfare has not been a high priority for many countries for the better part of a century, and intelligence and military organizations have become focused on threats such as terrorism and serious crime. The current situation in Ukraine, one in which a global power has invaded another sovereign state, has delivered a wakeup call…

    By Omer Frenkel
    Apr 06 2022 · 6 Min Read
  • Financial Sanctions Evasion with Crypto2

    Financial Sanction Evasion with Crypto – Here’s How to Stop it

    What can law enforcement and government agencies do to reveal individuals circumventing sanctions with crypto? New sanctions against Russia have prompted individuals and companies to illegally use cryptocurrencies to bypass regulations. This primer describes how crypto can be used to evade sanctions – and what you can do to stop it.   The sanctions on…

    By Tom Sadon, Director of Product Marketing
    Mar 29 2022 · 3 Min Read
  • Botnet Marketplace Statistics in 2021

    Botnet markets have been evolving and growing since they first emerged in 2018. These automated stores sell stolen login credentials for websites and platforms, obtained from computers infected with an infostealer, to cyber criminals. Some markets provide a full system of fingerprints to threat actors so they can mask themselves as victims. Cognyte’s latest annual…

    By Cognyte CTI Research Group
    Mar 20 2022 · 5 Min Read
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