• Fighting fraud 300 x 300

    From Data to Action: Accelerating Investigative Workflows and Fighting Fraud with Advanced Analytics 

    Discover how decision intelligence can accelerate investigative workflows, helping Offices of the Inspector General (OIG) advance fraud, waste and abuse investigations more effectively.

    By Jeff Smiley
    Jul 18 2024 · 5 Min Read
  • police challenges 300x300

    Addressing Top Police Force Challenges in 2024

    Police officers operate in a high stakes environment, often dealing with stress, danger and complex situations. Their work involves navigating threatening circumstances and making split second decisions that could mean the difference between life and death. In 2024, law enforcement officers face significant challenges that further complicate their already demanding roles. These challenges include large…

    By Gilad Ben Ziv
    Jul 10 2024 · 8 Min Read
  • The NIS2 Directive and Threat Intelligence: Are You Compliant?

    In the past year, there were 343 million victims of cybercrime worldwide, and ransomware attack victims rose by a staggering 128% between 2022 and 2023.1 Industries such as technology, government, finance, healthcare, and telecom were among the most targeted in the past year, with 50% of attacks driven by financial motives.2 Cyber attacks are not…

    By Gilad Zahavi
    Jun 30 2024 · 8 Min Read
  • link analysis software

    Link Analysis Software in the Digital Era

    In the era of digital transformation, data analysis has become an indispensable tool in various fields, and law enforcement is no exception. One such tool is link analysis software, which plays a pivotal role in uncovering hidden connections in police investigations. Link analysis is a data analysis technique used to evaluate relationships (connections) between nodes….

    By Omer Frenkel
    Jun 20 2024 · 6 Min Read
  • crime analysis software

    Crime Analysis Software: A Key Tool For Modern Policing

    When it comes to keeping our communities safe, getting inside the mind of a criminal is half the battle. That’s where crime analysis comes in – it helps law enforcement stay one step ahead. By diving into the data and connecting the dots, police can uncover hidden patterns and trends that might otherwise go unnoticed. …

    By Omer Frenkel
    Jun 17 2024 · 5 Min Read
  • Criminal intelligence

    Criminal Intelligence: A Deep Dive

    A recent Europol-led operation on an unprecedented international scale across 11 countries led to the arrest of 44 dangerous criminals. These suspects were part of a high-risk criminal network, considered one of the most threatening in the European Union1, which consisted of several criminal organizations that were working together to carry out large scale criminal…

    By Gilad Ben Ziv
    May 29 2024 · 10 Min Read
  • ISS World Europe

    Meet Us at ISS World Europe 2024

    Cognyte is pleased to announce that we will attend ISS World Europe 2024. This event is hailed as the world’s largest gathering of regional law enforcement professionals, intelligence and homeland security analysts, as well as telecom operators and financial intelligence experts. We invite you to visit us at booth #102 from June 4-6th at the…

    By Robert Van Bosbeek
    May 12 2024 · 3 Min Read
  • Beyond the Evidence: Leveraging Decision Intelligence to Drive Better Outcomes in Digital Forensics

    What is Digital Forensics? The evolution of communications technology has resulted in crime scenes often becoming more digital, than physical. In one study from IBM, it was estimated that over 90% of all crime is categorized as having a digital element.  Digital evidence, particularly from mobile phones and computers, plays a pivotal role in the…

    By Jennifer Leros
    May 02 2024 · 5 Min Read
  • 2024 Threat Intelligence Report

    The past year has brought unprecedented advancements in the realm of threat intelligence — chief among them being the emergence of generative AI (GenAI), which has the potential to reshape the threat intelligence domain across the board, from the way that threat data is processed, to the way that cyber threats are understood and mitigated….

    By Tanya Gottdiener
    Mar 31 2024 · 6 Min Read
  • ISS Dubai 2024

    Meet Us At ISS Dubai 2024

    Cognyte is excited to announce that we will attend ISS Dubai 2024. This exciting event is billed as the world’s largest gathering of professionals from law enforcement, intelligence and national security organizations, as well as from financial intelligence units and telecom operators.   Here are a few of the technology domains that are expected to…

    By Yifat Mitrani
    Jan 31 2024 · 2 Min Read
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