• Combatting Organized Retail Crime with Decision Intelligence

    Organized retail crime has become a nationwide epidemic in the United States, costing retailers an estimated $112 billion in 20221. Criminals have become more brazen, with some resorting to violence and endangering both customers and store employees. Beyond the immediate impact on retailers, organized retail crime has broader societal consequences, as retail crime networks often…

    By Mark Massop
    Nov 21 2023 · 7 Min Read
  • The Benefits of Using
    Big Data in Law Enforcement

    Harnessing Decision Intelligence for Enhanced Collaboration between Investigative Analysts and Law Enforcement Agents   Effective collaboration between investigative analysts and law enforcement agents is a proven driver of better investigative results. Today’s decision intelligence and data analytics technologies place a wide range of collaborative tools within reach.   But the technology on its own isn’t enough. Without…

    By Tracey Montano
    Nov 14 2023 · 6 Min Read
  • Fighting Love Scams with Decision Intelligence

    Online dating sites and apps have been popular for many years, and as more people are searching for love, more criminals are taking advantage of lonely victims. Fraudsters find victims on dating sites or social media platforms, luring them with flattery and false promises. This troubling trend has become prolific, with the US Federal Trade…

    By Noam Zitzman
    Nov 13 2023 · 7 Min Read
  • Keeping up With Financial Investigations in the Crypto Age

    The strategies of criminals and terrorists are constantly evolving, employing new techniques and technologies to commit crimes and stay one step ahead of law enforcement and security organizations. The blockchain has presented a valuable opportunity for dark actors to make countless types of anonymous cryptocurrency transactions, ranging from drug trafficking to money laundering to terror…

    By David Grau
    Nov 08 2023 · 4 Min Read
  • Salon Milipol Paris 2023

    Visit Cognyte at Salon Milipol Paris 2023

    Cognyte is thrilled to announce that we will attend Milipol Paris 2023! This exciting event is the leading conference dedicated to homeland security, defense, and public safety and this year is expected to host over 30,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors. Let’s look at a few of the advanced technology domains that security, military, and law…

    By Rebecca Sommer
    Nov 01 2023 · 2 Min Read
  • Financial Sanctions Evasion with Crypto2

    Sanctions Evasion with Crypto – How Law Enforcement Can Stop it 

    What can law enforcement and government agencies do to uncover the identities of individuals circumventing sanctions with crypto?  Sanctions are a key tool for governments to protect their interests and enforce international norms of behavior. Sanctions are often financial in nature, including capital restraints, asset freezes and trade restrictions, but can also include travel bans…

    By David Grau
    Sep 28 2023 · 5 Min Read
  • Evolution of Criminal Case Selection

    From the Future Case in the “Bottom Drawer” to Decision Intelligence In the archives of the US Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) history, the image of a seasoned criminal investigator stashing away a file in the metaphorical “bottom drawer” is iconic. While rooted in practicality, this practice is symbolic of a bygone era when…

    By Tracey Montano
    Sep 18 2023 · 5 Min Read
  • Entity Resolution: Assembling the Entity Data Puzzle   

    For law enforcement agencies looking to extract crucial insights from their data to accelerate investigations and threat detection, the first steps are to access, cleanse, and transform the data. Once accomplished, entity resolution (ER) emerges as the final stage before conducting analytics using a data fusion or decision intelligence platform. ER is pivotal in consolidating…

    By Inbar Goldstein
    Sep 13 2023 · 4 Min Read
  • Organized crime investigations

    Fighting Organized Crime with Data Analytics 

    During my tenure as the Assistant Director of Tax and Financial Investigations at the Mexican Tax Attorney’s Federal Office, I saw the growth of organized crime firsthand. We often think of serious or drug-related crimes when we think of organized crime, but money laundering and corruption are the financial engines that fuel organized groups, cartels,…

    By Tayde Yarahuan
    Sep 06 2023 · 7 Min Read
  • The Dark Side of ChatGPT: How Criminals are Using Large Language Models for Cyber-Crime

    For many of us, ChatGPT has quickly become our go-to tool for writing that tricky email or planning a dream vacation. Unfortunately, the dark side of this new technology is that criminals are also enthusiastically embracing AI bots – but for illicit purposes.    One indication of criminals’ interest can be seen in a report by NordVPN, which…

    By Moran Sorka
    Sep 01 2023 · 7 Min Read
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