Keeping Up With
Financial Investigations
in the Crypto Age


How Security Analytics Transforms the Battle Against Crime & Terror

In this e-book, Cognyte examines how security analytics is powering investigative and analytical capabilities in the security domain and showcases three real life investigative scenarios.
White Paper

Trends in Serious and Organized Crime


Digital Wallets in the Cyber World

The use of digital wallets is on the rise. The cybercrime world is ever-changing, we anticipate that related cybercrime will become popular as other financial cybercrimes.

CVE Threat Research Report – Popular Vulnerabilities (CVE) in 2020-2021

Cognyte's CTI research group examines the trends in CVEs among foreign-language forums, in the period between January 2020 and March 2021, including most common CVEs disclosed, newest CVE, oldest CVE mentioned, and the most active among the different language forums
Case Study

Cyber Threat Intelligence Case Study: Government SOC

Case study showcasing how Cognyte's CTI solution accelerates government SOC operations.
Case Study

Cyber Threat Intelligence Case Study: European Telecom

Case study showcasing how Cognyte's CTI solution helps a large Telecom provider safeguard its assets from potential cyber attacks.

Forbes: The Vertical Approach: Why AI Should be Industry Specific

Miki Migdal, Cognyte’s Chief Business Officer, published in Forbes Tech Council on the value organizations can gain by moving from a horizontal to a vertical approach to AI.

Spot the Threat – Football Stadium

There's an important match taking place. The football stadium's packed full and the crowd is in a frenzy. Can you spot the threat?