Threat Hunting

Detect and Investigate National-Level Cyber Threats
with a Data-Driven Approach

Cognyte’s HUNTICS leverages data analytics to reveal advanced & unknown national-level and state-sponsored threats. HUNTICS employs advanced analytics algorithms and automated investigation tools to hunt potentially malicious activities across organizational-level and backbone networks.

Prevent Advanced Cyber Attacks with Data-Driven Analytics and Automated Investigations

Get Multi-Level Visibility to Identify Threats

Collect and ingest petabyte-scale data, from sensors spread across organizational and backbone networks

Hunt & Investigate Threats Automatically

Shorten investigation time with analytics-driven threat hunting and automated investigation tools

Increase Cyber Resilience with AI Algorithms

Run out-of the-box or self-developed analytics algorithms to reveal and prevent potential threats

How Advanced Analytics
Enable National-level Threat Hunting


  • Dedicated sensors gather logs from multiple monitored entities and from sources such as ISPs and CSPs
  • All data is ingested into a national data lake to facilitate investigations and enable extended retention
  • Data is transformed into a single data format and enriched for data science activities and advanced analytics


  • Analyst-oriented interface enables investigators to discover anomalies by querying multiple parameters and wide datasets
  • Leads are enriched with contextual data from threat intelligence sources, IP geo-location, and tags
  • Big Data forensics & AI algorithms fuse OS processes, files, and registry events for a complete attack storyline
  • Cyber profiles are generated for entities such as IPs, endpoints, servers, files, processes and monitored sectors

Built-in Cyber Analytics

  • Analysis of defined sequences, as well as mathematical, statistical, and ML models, reveals potentially malicious activities
  • 100s of analytics covering MITRE ATT&CK techniques, advanced attacks and malwares examine incoming data to identify anomalies
  • Dedicated Integrated Development Environment enables to develop analytics based on deployment, threat landscape & use case

See how analytics-driven
threat discovery works

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