• An image of a bitcoin with a person's face next to it, representing the intersection of cryptocurrency and financial investigations.

    Keeping up With Financial Investigations in the Crypto Age

    The strategies of criminals and terrorists are constantly evolving, employing new techniques and technologies to commit crimes and stay one step ahead of law enforcement and security organizations. The blockchain has presented a valuable opportunity for dark actors to make countless types of anonymous cryptocurrency transactions, ranging from drug trafficking to money laundering to terror…

    By David Grau
    Nov 08 2023 · 4 Min Read
  • Financial Sanctions Evasion with Crypto2

    Sanctions Evasion with Crypto – How Law Enforcement Can Stop it 

    What can law enforcement and government agencies do to uncover the identities of individuals circumventing sanctions with crypto?  Sanctions are a key tool for governments to protect their interests and enforce international norms of behavior. Sanctions are often financial in nature, including capital restraints, asset freezes and trade restrictions, but can also include travel bans…

    By David Grau
    Sep 28 2023 · 5 Min Read
  • Cognyte - the world's first blockchain company specializing in Cryptocurrency crime.

    What Law Enforcement Needs to Know About Crypto Money Laundering

    Money laundering is a common theme among many crypto crimes. Criminal actors exploit the anonymity of the blockchain to launder profits from both off-chain and on-chain crimes to obfuscate the sources of illicit funds and convert them into cash, which can then be moved into the legitimate banking system. Cryptocurrency is used by criminals to launder funds from…

    By David Grau
    Aug 08 2023 · 6 Min Read
  • A pair of handcuffs adorned with a bitcoin, symbolizing the connection between Crypto crime and Cryptocurrency scams.

    Investigating 5 Kinds of Crypto Crime

    Technology has made almost every aspect of our lives – and the lives of criminals – easier. The blockchain has fostered an ecosystem in which illicit actors can easily operate anonymously and internationally, stalling financial investigations and setting the stage for increased crypto crime. In our previous blog we outlined how criminal actors exploit the…

    By David Grau
    Aug 01 2023 · 6 Min Read
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