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Making the world a safer place means
making it a better place!

Our commitment to
our communities

Cognyte is fully committed to giving back to our local and global communities. By connecting our business and corporate social responsibility strategy, we make the world a safer and better place, one program at a time. Whether we’re investing in technology and analytics education for the next generation of curious minds, implementing programs with a focus on diversity, or enhancing the technical skills of physically disabled students – we contribute to our global communities now and build a better future for the long term.

NextGen cyber
professionals program

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Cognyte is committed to the development of analytics education, and has created a supportive environment to foster the next generation of curious minds in several areas such as cyber security and advanced analytics. Our Magshimim program hosts exceptional students with an aptitude for computer and cyber studies, providing innovative and challenging courses to prepare them for an extraordinary future.

Here’s what one of our participants had to say:

“I enjoyed every single meeting. We learned a lot and experimented in unusual and very interesting areas…the activities were very challenging”.

Computer usability skills for students with disabilities

Our computer program imparts basic computer usability skills to students with disabilities. These courses empower these students with basic computer knowledge to offer them more independence. Our programs are held in a fun and friendly atmosphere, which also includes various recreational activities. National holidays, fun days and end of year parties are also a huge part of our “House of Wheels” program.

Promoting gender equality for a better future

Cognyte is dedicated to providing a better academic future in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for young teenage girls. By empowering and inspiring these bright youth, the program aims to promote gender equality by encouraging better future career choices, achievements and impact. Cracking the Glass Ceiling sets out to show these young ladies that they can break all boundaries.

Our Business Conduct

At Cognyte, we are committed to conducting our business in an ethical manner and to creating value for all of our stakeholders: customers and partners, employees and shareholders, the communities in which we work, and the global community at large. This commitment and Cognyte’s core values provide the foundation on which our corporate responsibility program is built.

We are committed to ethical conduct and upstanding corporate citizenship.