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Leverage the power of Machine Learning to rapidly fuse all your data and extract critical insights​

The volume and complexity of data in today’s world is overwhelming to security organizations. Advanced analytics platforms have become a necessity for organizations looking to generate actionable insights as part of their all-source investigations.

Modern investigations require analysts, investigators and examiners to parse through large amounts of data from multiple sources to extract insights, evidence, and leads. This data is both structured and unstructured and is typically stored in siloes across the organization. An investigative analytics platform fuses and analyzes data, creating one cohesive data picture regardless of the source or type of data. Having this clear data picture enables an organization to proactively respond to a threat by providing answers to varied investigative questions.

Advanced analytics is changing the scope of investigations by equipping security organizations with predictive analytics that help to prevent incidents before they occur.


Fuses and enriches large-scale, varied data to present a clear, logical and cohesive picture of people, places, organizations, events, etc.

Empowers investigators and analysts with a state of the art working environment to maximize the exploration of hypotheses and reveal insights, patterns, and hidden relations with a 360° holistic view.

Tracks, tags and alerts on model changes with customizable formats based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and analyst preferences.

Applies secure information management and case management policies that ensure full compartmentalization and safe collaboration.


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Cognyte supports investigation teams by providing the tools and the methodological knowledge needed to solve the kind of complex investigations that require advanced analytics. Our solution allows analysts to always stay one step ahead in preventing terror and crime by enabling them to see patterns, anomalies, and indications of threats in a variety of scenarios.

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