• The head of a person with a network of people around it, analyzing Big Data in Law Enforcement.

    The Benefits of Using
    Big Data in Law Enforcement

    Harnessing Decision Intelligence for Enhanced Collaboration between Investigative Analysts and Law Enforcement Agents   Effective collaboration between investigative analysts and law enforcement agents is a proven driver of better investigative results. Today’s decision intelligence and data analytics technologies place a wide range of collaborative tools within reach.   But the technology on its own isn’t enough. Without…

    By Tracey Montano
    Nov 14 2023 · 6 Min Read
  • A file cabinet with colorful drawers on a dark background, perfect for criminal case selection.

    Evolution of Criminal Case Selection

    From the Future Case in the “Bottom Drawer” to Decision Intelligence In the archives of the US Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) history, the image of a seasoned criminal investigator stashing away a file in the metaphorical “bottom drawer” is iconic. While rooted in practicality, this practice is symbolic of a bygone era when…

    By Tracey Montano
    Sep 18 2023 · 5 Min Read
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