Omer Frenkel , Product Marketing Manager
January 12, 2022

IBM sells i2: what’s next for your analytics platform?

IBM’s sale of i2 to Harris makes the security community rethink what they need in an investigative analytics platform

The world of security analytics is a buzz concerning the recent sale of IBM’s i2 portfolio to Harris Computer. Users have become speculative as to potential shifts and the uncertainty of the solution’s roadmap and ongoing support. Savvy organizations are using this as an opportunity to evaluate what they need in a big data analytics solution (sometimes called an “intelligence analysis platform,” a “security analytics platform,” or some variation). As leaders in the security analytics domain, with years of experience providing investigative analytics platforms, our experts understand the needs and pains of security investigations.  

Cognyte’s NEXYTE investigative analytics platform is a leading alternative to IBM’s i2 portfolio, including Analyst Notebook and iBase. NEXYTE provides advanced capabilities designed specifically for investigations in today’s big data landscape, all-in-one unified platform. NEXYTE fuses big data of diverse types and formats into a unified workspace, empowering investigators to make sense of their case data and analyze it rapidly and efficiently.  The investigative analytics platform is easily integrated with any data source, and benefits from seamless integration with Cognyte’s portfolio of security analytics software across multiple domains. While other analytics platforms are intended for general use, NEXYTE is a specialized platform tailored to the needs of investigations and designed by domain experts.

Nexyte offers unique benefits that investigators and security organizations look for in a tailored solution:  
  • Fuse all types of structured and unstructured data, including documents, photos, videos, and sound files, from virtually any source  
  • Reveal hidden relationships, discover patterns and anomalies, and predict future threats using advanced machine learning analytics 
  • Tailor the solution to your own investigation needs with codeless data modeling and customer-defined machine learning models 
  • Manage your investigation via an intuitive, unified workspace that enables full collaboration between team members 
  • Enjoy peace of mind with expert global support and professional services, backed up by a dedicated R&D team  
  • Benefit from a methodology-driven solution designed specifically for investigation teams based on Cognyte’s vast expertise in the security analytics domain  
In the evolving world of security analytics, you need a reliable partner 

If the recent news regarding IBM’s i2 has made you question your investigation solutions, finding a reliable partner may be as important for you as finding a marketing-leading solution. Cognyte has over 25 years of experience providing cutting-edge security analytics software to government and security organizations. We take pride in cultivating long-term relationships and providing exceptional technical and professional support to our customers. In the rapidly evolving world of big data, having a single point of contact from a trusted provider can simplify an already complex arena.  

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Omer Frenkel , Product Marketing Manager

Omer Frankel, Product Marketing Manager of Operational Intelligence, and Cyber Threat Intelligence. Omer brings extensive experience and know-how in the intelligence field, wth a decorated tenure of over 18 years as an intelligence analyst, department head, and product manager in the Israeli research National Unit. Omer holds a B.A. in International Relations & Middle Eastern Studies and an M.A, in Political Marketing.
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