Mon Oct 25, 2021

How Security Analytics Transforms the Battle Against Crime & Terror

In light of increasing complexity and sheer mammoth scales of crime and terror activities, security organizations and analysts are increasingly seeking powerful technological answers to help address their many investigative and operational challenges.

Security analytics is materializing as a key factor in the continuous battle against crime and terror.

Thanks to powerful robust data collection and fusion capabilities, flexible investigation analytics, visualization and analytics tools and a secure permissions model, security analytics solutions help:

  • Reduce investigation time and achieve quicker case resolution
  • Early detection of physical or cyber security threats
  • Gain real-time insights and streamline daily work tasks

In our eBook on the transformative power of security analytics for fighting crime and terror, we cover why security analytics is a driving force in today’s investigative domain, how it better serves investigation teams, and how it works in real life scenarios:

  • Correlating cyber security and web Intelligence
  • Situational intelligence & real-time operational intelligence
  • Finding the needles in the network data haystack

To gain a deeper understanding of how security analytics is impacting today’s investigative landscape across all security and investigative organizations, download the eBook here.

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