Investigative Analytics Platform Use Cases


As criminals devise ever-more creative ways of disguising illegal drugs for transport, law enforcement faces challenges in detecting such concealed substances. In addition, new synthetic drugs are produced with regularity, so law enforcement needs to always be aware of new trends and products on the illicit market. Law enforcement, security and intelligence agencies faced with detecting and preventing drug trafficking are challenged by the different methods used by drug traffickers to cover their intentions and plans. The investigation team is often required to correctly identify future trafficking activity as it is being planned, find all those involved and identify their locations without being misled by their tactics.

Our solution supports the investigation team by:

Analyzing the patterns of known drug traffickers.

Identifying anomalies and indications of a future smuggling event.

Obtaining real time alerts to accelerate and progress with investigation flow.

Revealing members of a drug trafficking network and their modus operandi.

Analyzing the behavior of known suspects to automatically reveal similar persons.


Financial crime investigations are in most cases retroactive investigations – the majority of financial crime or illicit funding investigations begin only with a mere suspicion that an illicit transaction has occurred. In many cases, there is little initial evidence of the financial crime, as criminals use sophisticated tactics to cover up the crime. However, it is also true that in most financial illicit uses, such as financial crimes, tax evasion, illegal trading, and terror funding, criminals leave a trail, or a series of indications that suggest the crime has occurred. The anonymous, borderless, and easy to use cryptocurrencies are increasingly used in these financial crimes, causing additional challenges for security and law enforcement organizations.

The key is to locate the suspicious indicators as early as possible in the investigation, identify those who are responsible for the financial crimes, bring them to justice and prevent them from operating again.

Our solution enables the investigation team to:

Identify suspects of illicit financial transactions by revealing ownership of assets, accounts, and other identifiers.

Find anomalies in money transfers and crypto activities to uncover financial crime.

Receive alerts when
potential conditions
are met to detect
a developing financial

Analyze the behavior
of a typical
transactions to
uncover unknown
criminal attempts.

Assess the risk of an individual to become a potential victim or perpetrator of a financial crime.

Connect suspicious identities to illicit money transfers and transactions, such as entities related to funding terror or making purchases on dark marketplaces.


As enterprises hold more Intellectual property (IP) and assets, often in the form of big data, it becomes harder to protect it against theft. IP is at the heart of the 21st-century company. It is essential to driving innovation, competition, and growth of businesses and the economy as a whole. The digital revolution has also made IP more vulnerable to theft than ever, as it is susceptible to cyber-attacks by bad actors. Enterprises are required to maintain knowledge of their intellectual assets, protect them, identify threats and assess potential bad actors among employees and subcontractors.

Our solution supports enterprises and protects them from IP and asset theft and risks by:

Assessing the risk of IP theft of each enterprise asset and the financial impact associated with the asset.

Identifying indications of a potential IP theft and obtaining near-real-time alerts when suspicious conditions are met.

Analyzing potential breaches which could be used for IP theft.

Conducting due diligence on employees and subcontractors.

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