Yifat Mitrani , Director of Content Marketing
January 31, 2024

Meet Us At ISS Dubai 2024

ISS Dubai event

Cognyte is excited to announce that we will attend ISS Dubai 2024. This exciting event is billed as the world’s largest gathering of professionals from law enforcement, intelligence and national security organizations, as well as from financial intelligence units and telecom operators.  

Here are a few of the technology domains that are expected to attract the most attention from security professionals attending ISS Dubai:

  • Blockchain analytics: Cryptocurrency is fueling illicit activities, including cybercrime, organized crime and trafficking, and can also pose a threat to national security through terror funding and sanctions evasion. Advanced blockchain analytics can allow investigators to de-anonymize those behind illicit crypto transactions to enable finding the perpetrators and seizing their funds.
  • Decision intelligence: Breaking down data siloes across an organization and generating actionable insights is crucial for accelerating investigations and data-driven decision making. Decision intelligence leverages data fusion and ML-driven analytics to help analysts and investigators swiftly respond to threats and assess risks.
  • Operational intelligence: Field teams need cutting edge technology to overcome technological and environmental barriers in the field, including 5G SA. Field-proven tactical solutions are crucial for allowing teams to conduct real-time operations across air, land and sea, including identifying cross-border threats, securing events and covertly apprehending criminals.  
Cognyte booth at ISS

We invite you to visit us at booth #42, and to join our expert talks:

  • Noam Zitzman, Head of Intelligence Methodology for Cognyte’s decision intelligence platform, will discuss how to uncover terror funding in the hawala system through the use of decision intelligence (Wednesday February 14, 13:00-13:45, Session B).
  • David Grau, BLINK Head of Business, will cover how to accelerate cryptocurrency investigations using ground-breaking network intelligence solutions (Thursday February 15, 10:15-11:00 Session B).
  • Bar Godachevich, Product Expert, will dive into the latest video trends conquering social media platforms and how advanced analytics can generate investigative insights (Thursday February 15, 11:30-12:15, Session A).
  • Our experts will present a fascinating session on how connected cars fit into the fight against crime (Tuesday February 13, 13:15-14:00).
  • Our experts will cover the information gaps which law enforcement agencies face due to satellite communications, and how these blind spots can be overcome (Wednesday February 14, 15:15-16:00).

Contact us to schedule a meeting or live demo at the event.

Let's Empower Decision Intelligence

Yifat Mitrani , Director of Content Marketing

Yifat Mitrani is the Director of Content Marketing at Cognyte. Yifat has over 20 years of experience in the government, telco and financial services sectors with expertise in technology domains including big data, machine learning, analytics and cloud native. She has previously held positions at Amdocs, Deloitte Consulting and Morgan Stanley, and holds an Executive MBA from Kellogg-Recanati (Northwestern University).
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