Yifat Mitrani , Director of Content Marketing
November 01, 2023

Visit Cognyte at Salon Milipol Paris 2023

Cognyte is thrilled to announce that we will attend Milipol Paris 2023! This exciting event is the leading conference dedicated to homeland security, defense, and public safety and this year is expected to host over 30,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors.

Let’s look at a few of the advanced technology domains that security, military, and law enforcement professionals are most interested in learning about at Milipol Paris:

  • Operational intelligence:

    Tactical teams need cutting-edge technology to overcome technological and environmental barriers in the field, including 5G SA. Field-proven tactical systems allow teams to conduct real-time operations on the ground for a variety of use cases, including identifying and analyzing cross-border threats, securing events, and covertly and effectively apprehending criminals.  
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence:

    Law enforcement and security organizations must keep up with online threats. Innovative Cyber Threat Intelligence can boost investigations by automatically identifying emerging threats and trends to prevent incidents before they strike.
  • Blockchain analytics:

    Cryptocurrency is fueling illicit activities, including terror funding, sanctions evasion, and trafficking, and poses a threat to national security. Blockchain analytics can de-anonymize those behind illicit crypto transactions to accelerate a variety of investigations. Milipol Paris holds a special significance for Cognyte’s blockchain analytics solution, since it won the Milipol innovation award at the last conference in 2021.
  • Decision intelligence:

    Breaking down data siloes and combining intelligence from multiple teams across an organization is crucial for accelerating investigations and data-driven decision-making. Data fusion and advanced analytics enable teams to leverage AI to gain new insights from large, complex datasets to identify suspects and threats.

Milipol Paris holds a fresh perspective this year, focusing on best practices and technologies to enhance security at large events, such as the 2024 Olympics.  One such example includes combatting terror funding, which will be discussed by our decision intelligence expert, Shlomi Malul,  in our expert talk: Unveiling the Hawala System: Money Laundering and Terror Funding on Tuesday, 14 November at 12:00.

We invite you to join our expert talk and visit our booth, #C022 in Hall 5.

Cognyte is one of the main attractions at Salon Milipol Paris 2023, having won the innovation award at the last event. Contact us to schedule a meeting at the event.

Let's Empower Decision Intelligence

Yifat Mitrani , Director of Content Marketing

Yifat Mitrani is the Director of Content Marketing at Cognyte. Yifat has over 20 years of experience in the government, telco and financial services sectors with expertise in technology domains including big data, machine learning, analytics and cloud native. She has previously held positions at Amdocs, Deloitte Consulting and Morgan Stanley, and holds an Executive MBA from Kellogg-Recanati (Northwestern University).
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