• 2021 LinkedIn breach: cybercriminals are the new headhunters

    The fact that multiple databases of stolen records are shared for free on Dark Web platforms is not new. Stolen data can be used for various types of attacks, including spear-phishing, random malspam campaigns, etc. But a new, concerning data breach trend is emerging. Across Dark Web forums, services offer large-scale data filtered by categories,…

    By Cognyte CTI Research Group
    Oct 21 2021 · 4 Min Read
  • 1 Million Leaked Credit Cards on Dark Web – 2021

    Details of 1 million stolen credit cards were recently shared on the dark web, free of charge, hoping to draw hackers to a new card marketplace. Learn about the new marketplace and the top email address domains that were shared.

    By Cognyte CTI Research Group
    Aug 12 2021 · 2 Min Read
  • Ransomware attack statistics 2021 – Growth & Analysis

    Read insights on the state of ransomware attacks in 2021 from our Cyber Threat Intelligence Research Group. Learn about greatest cybersecurity risks & who are targeted.

    By Cognyte CTI Research Group
    Aug 08 2021 · 2 Min Read
  • Top CVE Threats of 2021

    Must haves for Security Analytics platforms One of the biggest challenges of cyber security teams is to have a good vulnerability management policy, since it is practically impossible to patch every vulnerability out there. Cognyte scoured the Deep and Dark Web to discover the most popular CVEs among threat actors during the last year. We…

    By Cognyte CTI Research Group
    Aug 04 2021 · 4 Min Read
  • What’s Driving the Move to Open Platforms for Security Analytics

    Security organizations are still struggling to tap the full potential of the data they have access to, preventing them from making rapid, data-driven decisions.- and as a result are moving to open, modern platforms for security analytics.

    By Ohad Oron, VP Product Management
    Mar 25 2021 · 4 Min Read
  • 2020 was the year ransomware evolved – key findings from Cognyte’s Cyber Threat Intelligence report

    2020 was the year ransomware evolved. From data encryption to data exfiltration – ransomware groups are adopting the “double extortion” tactic to increase chances of a payout. Cognyte’s CTI research group analyzed 1,112 ransomware attacks carried out by 21 ransomware groups during 2020 – all of which involved data exfiltration to increase ransomware payouts.

    By Cognyte CTI Research Group
    Mar 23 2021 · 3 Min Read
  • The dark side of cryptocurrencies and what can be done about it

    In early February 2021, many of us took note when Tesla bought $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and announced that going forward it would accept cryptocurrency as payment. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, and others, are no passing phase, empty buzzword, or the esoteric interest of tech savvy enthusiasts. To the contrary,…

    By Tom Sadon, Director of Product Marketing
    Mar 14 2021 · 5 Min Read
  • No more headaches from data fusion? Yes, it’s possible!

    Suffering from ‘data fusion fatigue’ ? overwhelmed by data ingestion and data synchronization challenges? Learn how Cognyte’s security analytics platform fuses data from virtually all data sources, handles data contents of all types, visualizes insights, generates actionable intelligence, and drives smarter security and intelligence decisions.

    By Moranne Yaari, Senior Director Regional and Partner Marketing
    Mar 03 2021 · 3 Min Read
  • Illuminate Your Dark Data – The Challenge in Extracting Actionable Insights

    In this blog, we present the findings of Cognyte’s research into the challenges that are preventing security organizations from leveraging their data to gain actionable insights.

    By Cognyte
    Feb 15 2021 · 4 Min Read
  • How Digital Transformation is Giving Serious Crime and Terror a High-Tech Makeover

    Digital transformation – the integration of technology into all areas of life – intrinsically changes how organizations and individuals do things. Everything, from business processes to personal habits, has been impacted by digital transformation. But digital transformation can be a double-edged sword. According to Professor Audrey Kronin, in her book, Power to the People: How…

    By Yifat Mitrani, Product Marketing Manager
    Feb 04 2021 · 5 Min Read
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